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Award of Excellence

The Objective: Catapult is a Charlotte-based RFP SaaS company, helping RFx teams streamline their end-to-end process through an all-in-one software solution. Despite their clear offer and robust platform, the Catapult team was struggling to improve its brand presence and ultimately compete in a very saturated RFP management software market.

The goal was to improve its market position by refining the brand positioning to resonate with procurement departments and speak to their pain points. Inspired by Catapult’s medieval theme, we took a fresh, distinctive approach to create a modern identity that personalized and elevated the RFx experience.

The Solution: Our award-winning design established a cohesive visual aesthetic to improve Catapult’s brand presence. By crafting clear messaging and branding to align with their target market, we revamped everything – from an optimized website design prioritizing user experience (UX) and sales conversions, to their voice guides and iconography, Catapult’s new brand identity effectively highlights both their unique brand ethos and innovative software solution.



“Brands X Humans helped us express our vision with fervor. It wasn’t just about unlocking our brands medieval theme, we also needed to simplify our messaging in a more relatable way to our customers. That’s where BxH comes in, their expertise and thought provoking creativity solved these pain points and in turn amplified our reach with our target customers. Talk about a VICTORY!”

-Justin Witz, Founder & CEO

Color Palette

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Writing Style

Our voice should reflect our mission and goals at every touchpoint, from internal messaging to client services to marketing materials. The Catapult voice is confident without being demeaning, informative without being dry, and witty without being silly. Because that’s who we are as a company.

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