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It’s Time To Get Off The Rollercoaster.

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Your vision is growing, evolving, flourishing—but your startup is struggling to keep up.

You know in order to scale you need capital, the right people, talent, and minds… but you ain’t gonna find them on Fiverr or Upwork.

You want your brand to be: Powerful. Memorable. Impactful… And to scale and grow quickly.

If you’re over winging it. That investor pressure to move the f* forward. Careering between fear and hope…

And you want to build a brand that rock launches your name—and positions you as the must-work-with, visionary you are…


Ready to dive in and make
epic shifts in your
business… ASAP?

Our human-centric approach to marketing is simple. We use modern and ethical marketing methods for modern day people. It begins with the origin of the brands we partner with that are already category-defining, innovative, and game-changing. We start with a whole brand assessment to unlock growth opportunities—then whip all those panic-inducing engagement assets (strategy, website development, copywriting, sales funnels, landing pages) completely off your plate. (HECK YESSS!)

Meet our Founder

Hi! I’m Jenny.

Innovator, Brand Strategist, and Founder here at Brands x Humans…

And I’m on a mission to help tech and impact-driven startups unleash the full power of their vision, with clarity, confidence and authenticity.

I have the unique ability to spot the upper limits on your brand’s growth, so you can defy every expectation and smash the status quo.

Why? Because today’s consumer is savvy and tired of marketing BS. We expect more, want more, and THIS is the moment to redefine the way brands engage with their customers.

Check out the rest of the team and read on what makes me your brand-alchemist at large…

Award-Winning Brand Design

Discover why the work we are doing in the startup space is
getting recognized by reputable associations.

Why Startups Choose Us

‘Expertise and thought provoking creativity… amplified our reach with our target customers.’

‘Brands X Humans helped us express our vision with fervor. It wasn’t just about unlocking our brand’s medieval theme, we also needed to simplify our messaging in a more relatable way to our customers. That’s where BxH comes in… Their expertise and thought provoking creativity solved these pain points and in turn amplified our reach with our target customers. Talk about a VICTORY!’

Justin Witz

Founder & CEO Catapult
(B2B SaaS Technology, RFP Management Software)

We’re now expanding our footprint and seeing tremendous growth.

‘As a female founder and busy mom, launching our business was hectic to say the least! It was refreshing to work with a talented team of marketing experts to guide us during brand launch and then continue to grow and evolve as we grew our business. One of the things we love the most is the emphasis the Brands x Humans team puts on humanizing our brand and building a community. ’

Jennifer Martinez

Cofounder & CEO

Brands x Humans totally understood our vision… with their fresh and sexy ideas!

‘I am beyond impressed by the creative minds at Brands and Humans. They totally understood our vision and exceeded our expectations with their fresh and sexy ideas! As a startup with limited resources, we really appreciated having a fractional marketing team that had years of experience to deliver the results we were looking for’

Michel Badia

Cofounder & CEO
(B2B Health Tech, Non-Prescription Product App)

We’re Like George and
Amal if you…

Are an early stage startup—obsessed with the legacy you’ll leave

You’ve secured a Seed or Series A. You’ve got the concept, the vision and the energy, now you just need that go-to marketing strategy…

Just get it.

You’re an industry disruptor. Innovative. Underrepresented. Unapologetic.

Want to take your business from a pretty good 7 ½ and ramp it up to a full throttle TEN.

You’re tired of treading water. It’s time to get your ducks in a row—and unleash a rebrand.

Put people and planet over profits.

You’ve made a commitment to solve some of the world’s problems. And you value investing in your brand.

Want to get sh*t done.

You’re not protective, and you don’t micromanage. You’re happy to relinquish creative control—and watch the dollars roll in.

Our Clients Call Us Their Dream Team

We’re a fractional team of brand strategists, UX designers, storytellers
and digital masterminds who know how to drive brand growth.

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