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As a startup you know you need to have a Minimum Viable Product, right? Welcome to your Minimum Viable Brand.

We’ll meet you where you’re at, take your business (and all those ideas swimming round your head) and turn it into something tangible. Leverageable.

From brand strategy to art direction to storytelling, we identify the gaps in your brand and build a bespoke, fractional team of experts to drive you to the next level.

Oh, and we won’t leave you to flounder under all this knowledge. We become your brand team and growth marketers that will help strategically scale, and future proof, your business.

A Few of Our Results…

{Hair toss, dusts shoulders}

We’ve helped humans across multiple industries to get unstuck… And launch brands that inspire, excite and TRANSFORM.

Now it’s your turn…

Minimum Viable Brand (MVB)

Think of the MVB as your company’s launchpad to branding and marketing success. A cohesive brand that aligns with your customers’ needs and values will gain you customers, attract investor dollars, and help you stand out in your field. But you can’t build a brand overnight. With our Minimum Viable Brand program, we will fast-track your org to create a cohesive brand in 120 days or less. You will walk away with a variety of assets, including a brand identity kit, buyer personas, a visual suite (including a logo, typefaces, and color palette) and a new website complete with up to 10 designed pages.


We live in an increasingly online world, so meet your customers where they’re at. Brands and Humans offers an array of digital services, including website development, investor pitch decks, capabilities presentations, UX/UI for apps and digital products, packaging design, and all the assets you need to promote your offerings.


Lackluster design? Confusing messaging? There are often multiple reasons your brand doesn’t speak your ideal client’s language, but they’re not always easy to spot from the inside. That’s when you can use the sharp, outside opinion of an expert. (Hi, that’s us!) With a rebrand or refresh, we’ll identify the gaps in your current branding, and work with you to implement changes — from a simple website reskin to a total overhaul. Once we’re done polishing it up, you’ll be thrilled to see how your organization can truly shine.


Sales funnels. Landing pages. Google ads. Paid social ads. Basically, we implement industry-tested, high-converting methods — combined with out-of-the-box strategies derived specifically for your business — to get you in front of your audience and grow your customer base. If you (hire us to help you) build it, they will come.


It’s not enough to just have a great product anymore — consumers crave connection. Brands and Humans puts the “human” in your brand with uniquely tailored lead nurturing, email marketing, and overall content marketing strategy that feels fresh and organic. On top of telling your story with authenticity, we implement ongoing touch points that will keep your business top of mind, all the time.


As a startup, you’re probably not ready to hire a CMO — let alone an entire marketing team — right out of the gate. That’s where we come in! In partnering with Brands and Humans, you get a fractional marketing team to help you get the growth results you need to keep investors happy… at a fraction of the cost of full-time staff. (Plus, we’re pretty fun in meetings. Talk about a great culture add!)

Why Startups Choose Us

‘Expertise and thought provoking creativity… amplified our reach with our target customers.’

‘Brands X Humans helped us express our vision with fervor. It wasn’t just about unlocking our brand’s medieval theme, we also needed to simplify our messaging in a more relatable way to our customers. That’s where BxH comes in… Their expertise and thought provoking creativity solved these pain points and in turn amplified our reach with our target customers. Talk about a VICTORY!’

Justin Witz

Founder & CEO Catapult
(B2B SaaS Technology, RFP Management Software)

We’re now expanding our footprint and seeing tremendous growth.

‘As a female founder and busy mom, launching our business was hectic to say the least! It was refreshing to work with a talented team of marketing experts to guide us during brand launch and then continue to grow and evolve as we grew our business. One of the things we love the most is the emphasis the Brands x Humans team puts on humanizing our brand and building a community. ’

Jennifer Martinez

Cofounder & CEO

Brands x Humans totally understood our vision… with their fresh and sexy ideas!

‘I am beyond impressed by the creative minds at Brands and Humans. They totally understood our vision and exceeded our expectations with their fresh and sexy ideas! As a startup with limited resources, we really appreciated having a fractional marketing team that had years of experience to deliver the results we were looking for’

Michel Badia

Cofounder & CEO
(B2B Health Tech, Non-Prescription Product App)

Imagine what it would feel like when we help you…

Effortlessly hit goal after goal in the most cost-effective way.

Solve your ideal client’s needs—and become the must-have market leader in your industry.

See your product or service finally gain traction… and bring you the credibility, clout and social proof of your dreams.

Exceed your venture capital’s expectations (with total ease and confidence, of course!)

Reach the glorious realization that you’ve not only created a product that meets authentic demand—but built a cohesive brand that your ideal customer truly resonates with.

Glide into a future that improves the lives of people, the planet, and your community.