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The Challenge: ClearMINDNow came to us with a revolutionary concept that wasn’t getting the traction it deserved. The organization struggled to speak to its bifurcated audience (B2B and B2C), appealing to the hearts of families in need of drug testing and the heads of organizations that could use it in for their drug monitoring needs.

Internally, the remote drug testing business had an outstanding unique selling proposition, but it desperately needed to be uncovered, modernized, and communicated to the rest of the world.

The Solution: Enter, Clearlee! We developed a new name, tagline, and visual identity for the brand, along with messaging frameworks, internal and external positioning, and a whole new digital marketing presence, leveraging a strategy that was clear, impactful, and memorable.

We worked as Clearlee’s fractional market team with a multi-pronged approach that touched on every aspect of Clearlee’s brand, including:

Charting a *clear*
path forward.

Through BxH’s comprehensive SMASH (Startup Marketing Audit & Strategy Highlights) process, we identified Clearlees USP, uncovered its biggest challenges, and mapped out a plan for transforming the business into a recognizable, memorable brand across its B2B and B2C audiences.

Charting a *clear*
path forward.

After laying the new foundation for this brand, we rebuilt the brand from the ground up, starting with a captivating, memorable name that aligns with the brand promise and encapsulates what this business was all about.


without doubt or obscurity


The name Lee conjures amiability, decisiveness and cooperation. The spiritual meaning of the name Lee is: Healer. Literally, a calm or sheltered place, a place defended from the wind.

From there, we brought the rest of the brand’s new identity and personality to life.

Two words


A vision come turned into reality.

We gave Clearlee a responsive, robust new website complete with clear paths to purchase and strong SEO value, leaning on the brand’s new clean and straightforward aesthetic and powerful, human-centric messaging.

We established an audience split that best reflected the business’ current state and sales objectives (75% B2C, 25% B2B) and utilized this clear direction to deliver strong UX that reflected the ideal buyer journeys.

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New, improved with a foundation to generate demand.

Finally, it was time to re-introduce Clearlee and start changing lives. We tapped into our strategic initiatives to relaunch Clearlee digitally (website, email marketing, and social media and in person, a brand-new experience kit to familiarize customers with the brand and create strong emotional connections.

Our well-coordinated outbound communication efforts are designed to nurture existing clients and capture new leads, ensuring consistent brand awareness and engagement. We created an editorial content calendar to broaden the Clearlee community and establish Clearlee as a thought leader within the drug testing space, utilizing unified messaging to ensure the brand is consistently awesome across all channels.

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