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Medical Spa

B2B, Brand Positioning, Voice Guide, Content Creation

The Objective: It’s always an exciting thing when one of our partner agencies calls us to collab with them on a branding project. This was the case when our friends at Transmyt Marketing contacted us for our creative mindshare to help transform the identity of Skn Miami, a local medspa in Miami with big ambitions to position themselves as the “Massage Envy of medical spas.”

The opportunity to evolve an authentic local brand into something with franchising potential is exactly the type of project our BxH branding experts live for.

The goal was twofold: 1) To rework the brand name to something that connected to their already existing brand identity inspired by the scientific elemental table that you could see on every street corner of every major city. And 2) To refine their brand positioning to a more accessible skin care center catering to all individuals.

The Solution: We workshopped the name from Skn Miami to Skn Elements and refined their brand positioning to focus on “accessible skin-wellness for humans”.

Building a brand that is culturaly inclusive and socially diverse.