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The Challenge: LUMO is a professional development company with a heart-driven mission: to help organizations better support their working parents. But despite offering life-changing programming and training that could revolutionize the way companies do business, LUMO faced challenges in effectively communicating its unique approach and distinct edge against the competition, connecting with its target audience, and embodying its dynamic and vivacious spirit.

LUMO’s founders engaged Brands X Humans to revitalize its brand image, refine service offerings, and develop effective marketing strategies to attract ideal clients.

The Solution: We took a multi-phase approach to elevate LUMO’s presence in the professional development space, redefine their offerings to better communicate its value, and foster sustainable growth through research-informed strategy and a robust tech stack. Our end goal was a modernized brand that appeals to progressive enterprise organization, striking the balance between corporate sophistication and LUMO’s real-world energy. As masters of moving parts, we activated the BxH Collective to strategize and execute on all of the following:

Where companies and working parents thrive

Inclusive and transformative coaching solutions that foster employee retention, boost productivity, and strenghten company cultures.

New look, new feel — same LUMO.

LUMO’s leadership had a strong sense of who LUMO was… we’re the ones who got to introduce LUMO to the rest of the world. We established LUMO’s messaging framework and re-designed the visual branding to be more true to LUMO’s identity and personality than ever before.

LUMO’s logo

At the heart of the design system is the icon in LUMO’s logo, born from the idea that businesses should think inside the box — aka, support and nourish their existing workforce — when it comes to reframing and transforming their company culture for working parents, caregivers and rising leaders for the ultimate goal of reaching better business outcomes.

Leading the leadership
experts to greatness

LUMO’s founders are experts in their field, standing above all their competitors for their deep understanding of talent development and passion for supporting working parents. But even the strongest leaders need to be led sometimes.

That’s where we came in.

Brands X Humans kicked off LUMO’s brand transformation by conducting an in-depth audit and aligning on strategy. In this phase, we dove headfirst into LUMO’s world, leaving no stone unturned as we shared our comprehensive insights into everything from their customer experience and service offerings to their brand assets and existing marketing technology. We also explored LUMO’s past marketing efforts, both the successes and the lessons learned, to shape a brilliant strategy moving forward.

Responsive website development, SEO strategy, and digital branding.

LUMO’s old website struggled to communicate the value of LUMO’s offerings, had poor UX, and lacked structure to drive clear action and maximize conversion funnels — so we created a brand-new one for them, leveraging a robust tech stack and implementing SEO best practices. The result? A visually stunning website that tells the world who LUMO is, what LUMO offers, and how LUMO can change lives.



Activating Demand for LUMO

Once we brought all the big and little details together, it was time to re-introduce LUMO to its audience — and begin attracting new customers. We developed and executed a relaunch across the website, email marketing, and social media, with strategies built in place for future growth.

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