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Your brand is a living, breathing, dynamic entity- one that’s worthy of loyalty. But do your customers see it that way?

Every business wants to scale, automate, leave it up to robots and algorithms. That’s smart and all, but as humans, we are made up of emotions and want to be heard, understood, and even made to laugh (hello, #meme generation). That’s not something the robots can accomplish.

What motivates humans to engage and buy is far simpler than you think. At their core, humans crave connection. Your customers don’t want to buy something — they want to buy into something, to engage in a meaningful way, to see themselves as a part of something bigger. Once you establish that connection, you can build trust. And with trust comes loyalty — aka your brand’s strategy for growth and value creation.

So, are you approaching your brand strategy through the lens of your audience?

Brands and Humans was created to empower brands to truly understand who they are to their customers and where they belong in their industry. Collectively, we find a relatable, clever way of telling that story and apply that throughout the entire brand experience.

This approach allows us to help our clients move from transactional to personal… and ultimately attract loyal customers who keep your business relevant and growing.

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The Start-Up

“We are in the early stages of launching our start-up and don’t have in-house marketing staff yet. We need a brand strategist that can manage all of our marketing needs to make this business the next BIG thing.”

The Small-Medium

“We’ve invested in social media, Facebook & Instagram ads, and an amazing logo, but we’re sort of wingin’ it and the results are spotty at best. There’s no core strategy for our brand to help us connect with customers.”

The Enterprise

“Our brand needs a makeover! We’ve been around for for a while and have a great product, but we are falling behind trying to keep up with newer concepts that are fresh and relatable. We want to be able to speak the language of our audience, and retain our customer base.”

If you resonated with any of these, we should talk.

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Who we are

Our model is based around the concept of community. We are a community of content creators, storytellers, UX designers, and digital masterminds who drive brand growth.

We decode your vision and then build an all-star creative team of freelance specialists and expert firms to develop and/or refine your brand foundation, provide an activation plan, and offer brand management to see everything through and help you succeed.

What does that even mean?


Things we are:

Your dedicated brand marketing team! This allows our clients to save money on hiring creative talent in-house while simultaneously generating value by accessing experts who truly understand what it takes to build a brand. We go in with a long-term relationship mindset and like to fully immerse ourselves into your culture to create brand strategies that align with your vision. (Meet our team!)

Things we are not:

Your typical ad agency model. We are a network of the best of the best in the creative industry, led by an expert Brand Strategist. Unlike traditional agencies that assign you to a Junior Account Executive yet bill you at a hefty hourly rate, we thoughtfully select a team of talented people who match your needs, helping you succeed every step of the way.