We’ve refreshed legacy brands, launched co-branded partnerships, created brands from scratch, managed brand extensions, and everything in between.

Hey! Jenny here.

Since when did “do not reply” emails from companies become the new norm? That’s BS.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been busy building a career in marketing — ranging from brand development, digital marketing, content creation, social media, experiential activations, influencer programs, even food blogging (never forget: #goodtella). I’ve engaged with so many brands in my time — from B2C to B2B, from Fortune 100 and 500 brands to start-ups across every major industry.

As a consumer, I’ve also engaged with tons of brands, and the ones I always resonated with the most were the brands that tossed the sales-y marketing jargon out the window and treated me like a real human being. I found myself getting excited when I saw these brands’ content come up on my feed and in my inbox. They were adding value to my life in a way that had me constantly coming back for more — so much so, I would become a quasi-ambassador for them and encourage my own circles to engage with (and buy from!) these brands.

But I realized that was few and far between — so many businesses are still operating from an antiquated, institutional era mindset. A way of doing business that feels binary, stale and uninspiring. So, I said goodbye to corporate life and founded Brands and Humans as a way to help more brands humanize their experience.

What can you expect from me and my team?

Get ready for next-level ideas and a fresher approach to branding. We’re always focused on the business objectives, but moving from transactional to personal so that we help you build a brand that people trust and love.

Welcome to the human era of branding.



Our Humans

These state of the art brand creators are just
the core team that you can count on.


Nikola Vucicevic

UX Designs & Art Direction

Nikola is an award-winning UX Designer & Art Director. He specializes in next-level visual identity and user experiences for both B2B and B2C brands in the SMB to Enterprise categories. Brand development, UX, UI, product packaging, and e-commerce — there’s no facet of marketing Nikola hasn’t touched. He’s worked on projects for some of the world’s leading global brands, including companies such as Aon, Unicef, LOréal, and Prada.


Lexi Williams

Storytelling & Copywriting

Lexi is a seasoned writer, editor, and content strategist writing for major media companies like Bustle Digital Group and M. Shanken Communications. Utilizing her knack for all things word-related, Lexi helps BxH tell the story of a brand in clever ways; maintain clients’ voice, vocabulary, and verbal branding; fine-tune existing materials; and write engaging copy that grabs target audiences’ attention and keeps them coming back for more. Lexi is also well-versed in the importance of SEO and ensures proper keywords are integrated into web content, making her a well-rounded resource for all communications needs.


Aleksandar “Sasha” Jovicic

Digital Marketing & SEO

Sasha is a 23-year veteran of the digital marketing and business development industries. He is our go-to partner when it comes to developing highly optimized digital ecosystems that power growth for our clients in the digital space. He is responsible for over $24 billion in provable revenue for his partners and clients. Sasha is a founding partner and the CEO of Executive Digital, a digital marketing experts company with thousands of clients across the globe.


Jeremy Mays

Customer Acquisition & Strategic Growth

Jeremy is an accomplished, award-winning marketer, responsible for guiding companies through the complex challenges of navigating and succeeding in today’s digital economy. He works with the BxH team on everything from customer journey mapping to developing content-rich social campaigns that lead to engagement and conversions. He is the Founder and CEO of Transmyt Marketing and one of our go-to partners for customer acquisition.

Join our network of all-star brand creators!

If you are a freelancer, potential agency partner, or looking for full-time employment with BxH drop us a line and tell us more about your capabilities at connect@brandsxhumans.com.


Djordje “George” Manojlovic

3D Modeling & Animation Generalist

George is a 3D Generalist with 15 years of experience in all fields of digital animation and 3D. He specializes in the creation of high-quality 3D modeling and product renderings. His expertise in various 3D software ensures on-time delivery with no compromise of quality while running on tight schedules and with complex scenarios.


Nina Tomovia

Motion Graphics Designer

Nina is an imaginative motion graphics designer skilled at creating animated videos for social media, websites, and even mobile apps. She has multimedia software expertise and a knack for making things move in ways that bring stories to life in a very dynamic, yet informational way. She has 5 years experience in the creative industries working for big design studios or as an independent designer.


Geoffrey Murallon

Email Marketing Design & Development

Geoffrey is a seasoned Email Marketing Designer, Web Developer, and Full Stack Designer. He specializes in the creation of beautiful and professional responsive emails, websites, and web applications. His expertise in various design/development software and tools enables him to deliver world-class products and services.


Winnie Wiggles

Mascot & Treat Master

Winnie is actually a beautiful human trapped in a dog’s body. She’s very active in brainstorming sessions and super clever in her research. She gives the paw of approval for all our creative concepts. We love her dearly and we bet you will too!